I am a proud mother of 5 beautiful children. I have always loved taking pictures and with so many kids, I have had lots of practice. LOL! I have learned to be patient. The right moment will come and it will be worth it.
I love photographing babies and young children. I would enjoy taking some maternity shots other than my own:0) Families are always alot of fun. I have recently taken my first sports shots which turned out pretty good:0) My first wedding was a lot of fun, too. Senior portraits are also welcome. Ok, it looks like I am game for just about anything… it’s only limited by imagination;-)
I also love scenery shots. Old barns and churches are my favorite. I believe that I do my best work by natural light. So, I prefer the outdoors or by a window. Other ideas are certainly welcome. I will consider locations shoots. Send me a message and I will see what I can do. I look forward to hearing from you! Smile, Christy

F a c e b o o k