That’s what we have named this dress. (Thanks, Heather) Yep, we named a dress:) It’s very original, too. Don’t you think? lol. Anyway, these are Jessie’s pics. I think she did beautifully. Of course, she has her mother’s genes… carbon copies!
We had a lot of fun doing all of these shots. Then, we had an idea, kinda like a “where’s waldo?” sorta thing:) We want to see how many different places we can take Scarlett for pictures. We will only use shots where the full face isn’t seen. This way, we can put different girls into Scarlett. We want only the dress to be the focal point. This little project is for artistic value only… unless we come up with other ideas;-) So, if you have any great, unusual, or just plain cool ideas… leave a comment below!

>{She’s COUNTRY}


This should be titled Playtime- part 2. I went out to shoot my best friend’s twins again. Not only do I get to hang out with Heather, I get to spend some quality time with the girls, too:) Everyone was A LOT more cooperative this time. (I think it’s because they liked how FABULOUS the first set turned out;) Anyway, hope you all enjoy these as much as I have.

Oh, featured here is Jaycee- I’ll post Jessie’s later today.
F a c e b o o k