I have not laughed as hard as I have today in a long time! I have not seen Jack in many years, but I remember his sense of humor very well. We worked together at a local restaurant many years ago and he is the only reason that I made it through some of the nights;-) He made it extremely hard for me to concentrate and keep a straight face.
My best friend, Heather, went with me today because she and Jack were very close in high school. We got to meet Matt and discovered that he is just as fun-loving as Jack. Needless to say, we had a blast. If some of the pictures are a bit off, I blame the company I was keeping because I was shaking so hard from laughing:) Thank you for the memories!

>{rain, rain go away}


Last night, Lisa & Joey got married:) We had worried all week about the rain. Needless to say, God gave us a break. YAY! It was a GORGEOUS wedding. Lisa was so excited, but, if it’s possible, Joey was even more so. The love he had for his bride showed through the light in his eyes and she was so pretty. I don’t think I have ever seen two people more in love and ready to get married! Thank you, Lisa & Joey, for inviting us to be apart of it. I hope you are pleased with the results;-)

>{Amie is so Adorable}


Okay, it was almost impossible to pick my top 5. Amie is my youngest daughter, Taylin’s, best friend. She is here at our house so much that she isn’t considered company anymore. lol! They are practically joined at the hip. That is perfectly okay with me because Amie is as pretty inside as she is on the outside. As you can see from her pictures… that is GORGEOUS!!!

F a c e b o o k