{ Meet Tucker- future explorer }


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tucker today. What a cutie! He has the creamiest complexion with some of the brightest blue eyes that I have ever seen. He is a mover, though, and will keep you on your toes. I had to think and move fast to keep up with him. He wanted to explore the yard, leaves, sticks, and a kitty that came into my yard. Don’t worry, Grandma, I have plenty of pictures of Tucker’s sweet face. I just couldn’t resist sharing his adventures, too!
Such a sweet smile!
This little horse is an antique in their family.
This was as close as he could get to the kitty.
See the kitty to the left at the bottom of the tree?
This is my frontyard right now. the white camellias are blooming and dropping their petals beautifully. Contact me if you want to schedule a holiday session. They won’t be around very much longer.

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