{ Why ya gotta be so mean? }

I am a little disheartened right now. I just defriended a “big name” photographer on Facebook. Now, mind you, I’m quite sure that this person has no idea who I am and surely won’t miss me, but I couldn’t take the negativity anymore. I friended this person because I truly admired their work. I still do. They have a huge amount of talent. It was kinda like seeing behind the scenes of a celebrity’s life. At first I thought that I was just too sensitive when they would rant about the “shoot and burn” photographers because, hey, I started there. But, after several months, I realized that this person must really be insecure to be so ugly about people that they don’t even know. Several times they posted images from other photographers and tore them apart. Really??? I seriously dreaded that one day I might see one of my images show up. Ranting that selective coloring, overabundance of props, selling the CD of images was killing the industry is just ridiculous to me. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, started somewhere! Every photographer and every consumer sees things differently. What I adore, you might not even like and vice versa. There are plenty enough clients to go around. No need to be possessive over them. They do have their own free will and can think for themselves. Good photographs should be an investment. These captured moments in time can not be regained. But, not everyone’s idea of “good” is the same. If the client is beyond thrilled with the images that they receive, who are you to judge?!? The “cheap photographer” will not be the death of your business, your bad attitude will!

jennifer rivera - June 30, 2011 - 9:42 am

WELL SAID! I have had to do this to alot of other photog friends. I dont know why anyone should get on their high horse, and think they rule the world. Help out the beginners, dont trash them. Every artist has their own vision, just because you dont understand it.. doesnt mean its not good. And as long as the clients happy. who cares.

Hayley - June 30, 2011 - 9:58 am

LOL. I love the song. :) I love your photos.

Becky Purdy - June 30, 2011 - 10:33 am

Well spoken and the perfect song to go with the blog….♥

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