{ i ♥ faces } weekly challenge- sun flare

I haven’t participated in the iheartfaces weekly challenge in quite awhile. Actually, it’s been too long. This week’s challenge is sun flare.

Flare is particularly caused by a very bright light sources either in the image – which produces visible artifacts – or shining into the lens but not in the image – which produces a haze. Most commonly, this occurs when shooting into the sun (when the sun is in frame or the lens is pointed in the direction of the sun), and is reduced by using a lens hood or other shade.

As I was going through my external hard drive looking for pictures with sun flare, I came across the image below. It was a photo shoot for an awesome local band, The Wilson Family Band. They needed press material, as well as album (CD) art. This particular shot was a candid while the family was playing outside of an old, small, wood church. The church (to camera right) is truly gorgeous. Back behind the family is an old cemetery. As I looked at this shot today, I saw something that I didn’t see before. If you look just above the BIG E in my watermark, you will see a rainbow above a headstone. The next shot in the series didn’t have it. So, I thought this shot was pretty cool!

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Jan - March 15, 2011 - 9:47 pm

Great shot. I love everything about it.

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