{ Thankful }

I have a very heavy heart looking around at some many of my friends, family, and even patients that are struggling in this economy. People that can and want to work, being laid off and unable to find jobs. Families losing their homes, their vehicles. So many parents having to work two jobs, if they can find them, to try to make ends meet, but they rarely do.
I would love to win the lottery and be able to help a lot of people. Honestly, I only play a couple of times a year. So, winning probably won’t happen. We give to charities and donate to Goodwill. But, with a family of 8, we don’t have a lot to spare either. I am so thankful for our health and the many more blessings that God has given us. I was wracking my brain on the way home from work last night trying to think of a way to do more, to give more, to try to help more. I came up with an idea that I hope will bring out the very best in others.:)
As you all know, I volunteer for an organization called Operation Love: Reunited. We donate sessions to families with deployed soldiers. Well, I am going to also donate at least one session a month to someone YOU nominate. It’s NOT a contest. It’s a chance to give and help others.
Here is how it will work:
Starting August 8 ( my birthday:) for one week, until August 15, you can nominate whoever you think is deserving to win a photo session. I’m sure you know someone who is a great person, generous and kind to others, but, through no fault of their own, has fallen on hard times. Email their story to me. These emails will NOT be published. When I complete these sessions, I will not blog that “this was the winner.” The point of this program is not to embarrass or bring attention to anyone. The point is to give to someone deserving. Out of the nominations I receive in that week’s time, I will choose the one that moves me the most. Their session will be completed in September. I will not have one this month since I need to get caught up to my usual one week or less to edit any given session standard.
I will consider any kind of session needed, whether it be a senior, newborn, family, engagement, etc. The person you nominate must be someone that you know would be willing to have there picture made. No sneak attacks! LOL! A model release will have to be signed before the session so that I can blog the images. Again, I stress that it will be just like any other session I do. No undue attention will be giving to any one’s circumstances, resources or lack of. This is a chance for me to give, but also for you to give as well. I will accept nominations for one week every month. Yes, you read that correctly, every month. As long as everything goes well, I will continue. I need you to help spread the word for me because the more people that read this, the more people will have a chance to nominate. So, email this link to everyone you know. Share it on your facebook wall. “Suggest” my facebook page to all your friends and get your “letters of recommendation” ready.:)Email them to me at cmspurlock@hotmail.com.

Because every post should have a picture, here is one of my daughter, Taylin,  and her cousin, her kindred spirit, Sommer. I think they are beautiful!

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