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> I am currently on vacation with my kiddies at my Mom’s in Tennessee. We try to come up here a couple of times a year. If I had the choice, we would live here. We don’t have the humidity or the bugs that reside in south Georgia. The land is so much prettier. Plus,…

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>{rain, rain go away}

> Last night, Lisa & Joey got married:) We had worried all week about the rain. Needless to say, God gave us a break. YAY! It was a GORGEOUS wedding. Lisa was so excited, but, if it’s possible, Joey was even more so. The love he had for his bride showed through the light in…

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> My beautiful niece, Jade, has been spending a few days with us. I have really missed her. She is such a sweetheart. I know that it can be hard growing up nowadays, but her heart and smile makes me proud. She is a GORGEOUS redhead with killer baby blues. How cool is that??? It’s…

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>{Amie is so Adorable}

>Okay, it was almost impossible to pick my top 5. Amie is my youngest daughter, Taylin’s, best friend. She is here at our house so much that she isn’t considered company anymore. lol! They are practically joined at the hip. That is perfectly okay with me because Amie is as pretty inside as she is…

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>{Meet Mallory}

> Mallory is one of my daughter Taylin’s best friends. She is such a sweetie! Not only is she so very sweet, polite and BEAUTIFUL, but she is also very talented! She helped take our mind off the heat last night (no power- no A/C) with her game of charades. Also, I love, love, LOVE…

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